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Ford 2NAN Project by IAN SCOTT

Purchased in the mid 90's from a farm in North Yorkshire.  Work was commenced soon after collection.  In addition to the usual rust, water and stinking oil in the gearbox and rear axle casing, I found the Condition as purchased crankshaft bearing shells packed out with paper shims, but no sign of the bearing caps having been filed down thank goodness.

I was lucky to bump into someone at a rally who gave me information on where to get spares.Steering mechanism/throttle lever & quadrant  I had already approached The Old Twenty Company but thought their prices were too high.  My chosen supplier was based in Fargo, North Dakota, The Surplus Tractor Parts Corp., sadly, they are no longer able to supply vintage tractor parts having been acquired by John Deere apparently.

Ordering the parts direct from the States was a Gearbox & diff assembledgood thing, the prices were far less than purchasing through suppliers in the UK.  It seems that the Surplus Tractor Parts Corp. supplied most UK traders.  One item, the engine gasket set, priced in the UK at £38.00 + VAT, cost $18.00 (£12.00 then).  The gasket set was made in the UK!!!

The tractor was totally stripped down with the exception of the half-shaft bearings and seals as these were in good order.  I was amazed at the good condition of the gear-box taper roller bearings and gears.  These gearboxes are three speed and sliding gear chanHydraulics and half-shafts inge.  The constant mesh gear on the primary shaft when spinning, throws oil up to lubricate the steering mechanism in the gear-box top cover.

Engine built & painted

The differential carrier was breaking up, I think  the bolts  coming loose had caused this.  I came across a skeleton of a Ford Fergie when on holiday near Inverness (cost £50.00) and a good friend picked it up for me, this produced a good replacement differential plus other parts.

I left the engine rebuild to last, along with the front axle wFinishedhich was re-bushed.  I had the paintwork finish carried out by A. C. R. of Bedford.

 Finally at workThe final picture showing the end product ploughing at Wavendon, courtesy of Colin Stone, 1998.



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